When employees are late for work, breaking safety procedures, or ignoring deadlines, it’s part of the boss’s job to dole out the appropriate punishment. Nobody wants to be disciplined at work, but punishment for breaking rules ensures that the workplace is kept safe and productive. In fact, the US Occupational More

The Washington Post: Maybe you asked a woman when she was due, only to learn that she wasn’t pregnant. Perhaps you accidentally “replied all” with an inappropriate remark, or walked right into a sliding glass door at a busy restaurant. We all have embarrassing moments. And in the age of the More

Pacific Standard: The philosopher Bertrand Russell famously remarked that “the only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” New research finds that one way to encourage mutually beneficial behavior is to shift our focus from mankind to Mother Earth. In the Journal of Environmental Psychology, a team led by Carleton More

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences will award the €25,000 Dr. Hendrik Muller Prize for Behavioral and Social Sciences to APS Fellow Carsten De Dreu during a December 14 ceremony. De Dreu is a professor of psychology at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and affiliated with the More