Awards & Honors

When I applied for the Fulbright Award in Nepal I was asked by the Chair of the Women’s Studies Program at the Padma Kanya Campus of Tribhuvan University (the Women’s Campus) to teach research methods in the post baccalaureate program diploma program in Women’s Studies. I arrived in Kathmandu with More

Enough Is Enough It goes without saying, doesn’t it?: More is better — at least, when we’re talking money, ice cream, or the other good things in life. Actually, it’s not so simple. Economists have long known that as the magnitude of some good increases, people’s subjective evaluations of the More

James McKeen Cattell was already recognized as a founding father of psychological science when he and two former students launched the Psychological Corporation in 1921 to develop and publish psychological tests and materials. He invested $6,000 of his own money for 60 percent of its shares. In 1942, two years More

Mischel Festschrift Inspirational scientist, prolific artist, skilled thumb wrestler, unskilled Citröen driver, demanding advisor, supportive friend. These are parts of the multi-faceted portrait of Walter Mischel provided by colleagues, friends, and family who attended a Festschrift in his honor on June 11, 2005. Although the event included a personal look More

Facing the Way We Elect Our Leaders Apparently CNN, the Gallup Poll, and the New York Times are working way too hard during election season. A study published by Princeton University researchers in the June 10 issue of Science shows that a photograph is more than enough for voters to More

When Harry Met Hallie Would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet? It may depend whether your name is Roberta or Louise. Twenty years ago, Belgian psychologist J. M. Nuttin discovered that people especially like the letters that appear in their own names but are generally unaware of More