Improving the Reproducibility of Our Research Practices

APS is proud to present this six-part workshop with APS Fellow Brian Nosek, University of Virginia and Executive Director, Center for Open Science (COS), and Courtney Soderberg, COS Statistical and Methodological Consultant.

Learn laboratory and personal research practices that will improve the reproducibility of your work. Topics include project and data management, preregistration, managing collaborations, and getting the most out of the Open Science Framework for private and public laboratory operations. The workshop was recorded at the 28th APS Annual Convention in Chicago in 2016.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Setting Up a Collaborative Research Space

Chapter 3: Pre-Registration and Pre-Analysis Plans

Chapter 4: Documenting Your Research Project

Chapter 5: Sharing Your Work

Chapter 6: Incentives for Behavior That Research Can Take Advantage Of

Visit the APS YouTube page for the full tutorial, and for many more video resources.

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