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NSF Launches New Program to Fund Integrative Science

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced a new NSF-wide program called Growing Convergence Research. Through this program, NSF looks to fund research proposals on the topic of integrative, interdisciplinary team research that addresses complex social problems.

Convergence research has two primary characteristics, according to NSF. First, it is driven by a specific and compelling problem, so applicants to this new program should demonstrate how their project addresses a societal need or essential scientific question. Second, convergence research is deeply integrated across disciplines, so primary investigators should plan to bring together a diverse range of experts from different disciplines in their project proposals.

Growing Convergence Research grants will support research for up to 5 years across two phases, for a total of up to $3.6 million per award. If interested, teams of social, behavioral, and economic scientists; experts in education and human resources; and computer and information engineers from industry, nonprofit, governmental, academic, and other organizations are welcome to apply.

Applicants should describe a long-term research plan for addressing a challenge that spans across NSF directorates and divisions and is not supported by existing NSF initiatives. The proposal should include a plan outlining communication and collaboration among the team members. The communication plan may include adopting a common framework for a solution, establishing new scientific vocabulary, or creating learning experiences for graduate students and those early in their career.

The first full proposal deadline is May 8, 2019, followed by a second full proposal deadline on February 3, 2020 and the first Monday in February annually thereafter. Researchers may wish to submit a brief synopsis of their proposal to gcrelig@nsf.gov for feedback on suitability for the call at least 30 days before the targeted submission deadline.

For the full Growing Convergence Research program solicitation, click here.

Interested in the topic of integrative science? Be sure to attend the International Convention of Psychological Science, 7-9 March 2019 in Paris, France. Leadership from other NSF programs will be present to discuss funding opportunities at NSF for psychological scientists.

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