NIMH RDoC Initiative Strives to Reshape Mental Health Research


An initiative by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) aims to reframe mental health research — from research to treatment. The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) initiative cuts across traditional diagnostic categories to identify relationships among observable behavior, neurobiological measures, and patient self-report of mental status.

There are several ways to learn about getting involved with the initiative:

  1. Online Information. The NIMH RDoC homepage provides the latest news and information about the initiative, education and training resources, funding opportunities, and more. And videos about RDoC are featured on the NIMH YouTube channel.
  2. Apply for Funding Opportunities. RDoC is looking for research grant applications designed to develop innovative ways of understanding mental disorders in clinical studies on the basis of neuroscience and behavioral measures rather than traditional diagnostic categories. Find current funding opportunities on the NIMH website.
  1. Share and Search Data. RDoCdb is an informatics platform for sharing human subjects data related to NIMH research. Researchers can share their data, search for data that are already shared, or share results related to a publication or finding.

To contact the NIMH RDoC Unit, please email

The NIMH RDoC Unit

National Institute of Mental Health/NIH/HHS



Watch: RDoC YouTube Playlist

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