Student Notebook

APS Student Caucus Welcomes New Board

Lisa Hasel
Iowa State University

Lisa Hasel is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in social psychology. Her research interests encompass the broad field of experimental psychology and law with a centralized focus on improving the diagnostic value of eyewitness, interrogation, and alibi evidence. She is the 2006 Psi Chi/APS Albert Bandura Graduate Research Award Winner for her research on facial composites, which was published in 2007 in Law and Human Behavior. During the fall of 2006, she served as the first Social Psychology Research Fellow at the Innocence Project in New York City. Lisa previously served on the APSSC Board as the Graduate Advocate and is actively involved in many other professional psychology associations. She expects to complete her PhD in Social Psychology at Iowa State University in 2008.

Past President
Andrew Butler
Washington University in St. Louis

Andrew Butler is a fifth-year doctoral student. His research primarily focuses on how cognitive psychology can be applied to enhance educational practice. Other research interests include encoding/retrieval processes, attitude/memory, false memories, collective memory, memory systems, and the history of psychology.

Student Notebook Editor
Kelli Vaughn-Blount
University of Central Oklahoma

Kelli Vaughn-Blount is a second-year master’s student and managing editor of the Journal of Scientific Psychology ( Her primary research areas include the history of women in psychology, feminist psychology, and thanatology. She is planning to pursue a doctoral degree in history and theory of psychology. Kelli has been involved with the APSSC for several years as a reviewer for the grant and research competitions.

RiSE-UP Coordinator
Shu-wen Wang
University of California, Los Angeles

Shu-wen Wang is a second-year PhD student in clinical psychology. Her research investigatesstress and coping processes in the family, specifically work and family spillover processes. In addition, she studies Asian American mental health, focusing on youth adjustment issues.

Membership and Volunteers Officer
Michaela Bucchianeri
University of Notre Dame

Michaela Bucchianeri is a third-year doctoral student. Her research is in social cognition and focuses on perceptions of ambiguous discrimination. She has been involved with the APSSC as a campus representative, grant and research competition reviewer, and Rise-Up committee member.

Communications and Marketing Officer
Lisa Fazio
Duke University

Lisa Fazio is a fourth-year doctoral student working with Elizabeth Marsh at Duke University. Her research deals with the workings of human memory with a focus on how people add to and access their general world knowledge. She has previously been a reviewer for both the student research and the student grant competitions.

Graduate Advocate
Ewa Szymanska
University of Pennsylvania

Ewa Szymanska is a second-year PhD student studying decision processes. Her research looks at the interplay of reasoning and moral intuitions in consumer decision making and in voters’ attitudes toward public policies. She served previously as the 2004/05 APSSC Undergraduate Advocate.

Undergraduate Advocate
Kathleen O’Neill
Montclair State University

Katie O’Neill is in her last year as an undergraduate.  She is interested in clinical psychology and more specifically the effects of childhood trauma on risky decision making across the life span. This is her first year on the APSSC Board.

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