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Why ugly men believe pretty women are interested in them

Evening Herald:

SOME men can get by on a wink and a smile — but those with less chiselled features make up for it with misguided optimism about their own appearance.

The study could help explain the mystery of why so many men think women are interested in them when they are not, a study claims.

Some men are able to snare a partner far more attractive than them through relentless persistence and overblown belief in their own sex appeal.

Scientists think this may be down to an evolutionary trait which tricks men into overestimating the value of their looks to prevent them from missing a mating opportunity.

This over-confidence causes them to try their luck with a greater number of women because they are less likely to see them as unattainable.

The study, published in the Psychological Science journal, could help explain the mystery of why so many men think women are interested in them when in fact they are not, researchers said.

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I read years ago that men tend to think they’re better looking than they are, and women tend to think they’re less attractive than they really are….but I think that may be due to programming regarding physical appearance…people don’t criticize men’s looks that much…but they sure do women, so women are more self-conscious, and the men have no reason to think they’re not.

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