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From: The Washington Post

There’s a surprisingly strong link between climate change and violence

The Washington Post:

Earlier this year, when a study came out suggesting global warming will increase the rates of violent crimes in the United States — producing “an additional 22,ooo murders, 180,000 cases of rape,” and many other crime increases by the year 2099 — it drew widespread criticism. “This … is what people who are losing the argument look like,” noted the conservative publication National Review.

One study may seem easy to dismiss. But the combined results of 56 of them? Not so much.

In a new working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Stanford researcher Marshall Burke and two colleagues present a meta-analysis — an evaluation and statistical synthesis of a large body of studies — of the existing research examining the relationship between climate change and violence and conflict. After throwing out a host of studies they consider flawed, Burke and his colleagues still had 56 left, many of them quite recent.

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