From: New York Magazine

Playing Action Video Games Might Make You a Better Driver

New York Magazine:

Back in the day when jocks were jocks and geeks were geeks, you could tell who spent their evenings plugged into video games by who tucked their shirts into their underwear. But in 2016, video games are everywhere; hell, one of the most successful games in recent memory comes from Kim Kardashian. But as any True Nerd will tell you, mindless mobile apps are not True Games: you need to kill monsters (or humans, gasp!) or drive real fast in order to be True Gamer. In a new small study, it looks like people who are True Gamers — or who are training to become True Gamers — are better at driving, thanks to the visuomotor training offered by continuous, badass game play.

Published in Psychological Science this month, a research team lead by University of Hong Kong psychologist Li Li ran a number of experiments to see the effects that video-game playing had on the subtle, crucial task of driving (in a simulation).

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