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New Evidence Reveals Training Can Reduce Cognitive Bias And Improve Decision-making

Ever since Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky formalized the concept of cognitive bias in 1972, most empirical evidence has given credence to the claim that our brain is incapable of improving our decision-making abilities. Scientists regularly remind us of the many ways cognitive biases interfere with the choices we make. There have been over 50 Forbes articles linked to this scientific research focus in the past year alone.

However, our latest field study, published by Psychological Science in September 2019, suggests that one-shot de-biasing training can significantly reduce the deleterious influence of cognitive bias on decision making. We conducted our experiment in a field setting that involved 290 graduate business students at one of Europe’s top business schools, HEC Paris. In our experiment, a single training intervention reduced biased decision making by almost a third.

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