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Men Are Funnier Than Women, But Not By Much, Study States

Huffington Post:

Men are funnier than women, according to a study published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Skeptical? Keep reading, there’s a catch.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego released a study that suggests males are more likely to make people laugh, but only by a small margin of 0.11 points. The researchers wanted to explore if the “women aren’t funny” gender stereotype stood up to a series of experiments.

A group of 16 male and 16 female undergraduates were instructed to write humorous captions for 20 New Yorker comics.

A group of 34 males and 47 females were brought in to rate how funny they found a caption. Entries were eliminated in a “tournament-style rating system,” according to a release from USCD.

Results revealed that men unknowingly gave other men’s captions relatively higher scores than women did, which suggests that men are mostly funny to other men.

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