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Is regifting really that bad?

Business Insider:

The people who originally gave the gift are not nearly as offended as regifters think they’ll be.

Five studies investigate whether the practice of “regifting”-a social taboo-is as offensive to givers as regifters assume. Participants who imagined regifting thought that the original givers would be more offended than givers reported feeling, to such an extent that receivers viewed regifting as similar in offensiveness to throwing gifts away (whereas givers clearly preferred the former). This asymmetry in emotional reactions to regifting was driven by an asymmetry in beliefs about entitlement. Givers believed that the act of gift giving passed “title” to the gift o Prin to receivers-such that receivers were free to decide what to do with the gift; in contrast, receivers believed that givers retained some “say” in how their gifts were used.

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