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From: The Globe and Mail

How finding beauty in ordinary life can make you happy

The Globe and Mail:

I have a friend who is next to impossible to go for walk with in the spring or summer. “Look,” she will instruct, stopping dead in her running shoes. “See how beautiful this gladiolus is?” And of course, you have to stop alongside her and admire the texture and the colour and the height of the flowers. What are you, anyway? Some power-walking obsessive who doesn’t know how to smell the proverbial roses?

It turns out that identifying and appreciating beauty in the everyday is a happiness strategy. Some spiritual leaders advocate it as a way to feel divine energy. Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness and Flourish, listed it as one of the 24 psychological character traits that make for happy, functioning people. It allows us to experience awe and wonder – to be elevated.

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