From: New York Magazine

High Schoolers Are Less Stressed When You Remind Them People Eventually Stop Being High Schoolers

New York Magazine:

Looking back to high school can be a little bit like looking at your past through one of those fun-house mirrors. When I compare my high-school problems to my current, real-life problems, I’m struck by how much everything is inverted: In hindsight, the issues that my 16-year-old self had to deal with were all pretty small potatoes, but everything just felt so much bigger.

High school’s stressful like that — it’s a time characterized by a lopsided ratio of drama to perspective, with too much of the former and not nearly enough of the latter. But a study published last month in Psychological Science and recently highlighted by the New York Times hit on a simple but strikingly effective way to ease teens’ stress: Just adjust that ratio. Or, to be more specific, remind them that people are capable of change — that high schoolers, in other words, won’t be high schoolers forever.

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