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Frühchen sind später häufig arbeitslos (Preterm babies linked with less wealth)

The world:

Are children born prematurely, they are later in life less economically successful. At least that is the result of a long-term study of the British University of Warwick near Coventry with more than 15,000 volunteers. The local group of researchers investigated the level of education, profession and the standard of living of 8573 people aged 42 years, who were born in 1958, and by 6698 people of the vintage 1970. These included both those who arrived early to the world as well as those that were not born prematurely. In a now “Psychological Science” published article states, in the group of preterm were more frequently unemployed people or those encountered financial difficulties than in the comparison group. This applies regardless of the social and economic status of the parents.

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