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Volume 29, Issue7September, 2016

Here, There, Everywhere

Psychological scientists have built thriving research careers outside the traditional boundaries of university psychology and behavioral science departments, including dentistry, optometry, engineering, music, fashion, and even physics. More

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Volume 29, Issue7September, 2016
  • The 2016-17 APS Board

    Susan Goldin-Meadow begins her 1-year term as President, and Suparna Rajaram becomes President-Elect. C. Randy Gallistel transitions to immediate Past President while APS Fellow Deanna M. Barch and Simine Vazire join the Board for 3-year terms. More

  • The ‘Stubborn’ Cerebellum

    Psychological scientists don’t typically describe brain areas as fickle, two-faced, or agreeable, but APS William James Fellow Richard B. Ivry explains why he ascribes a specific personality trait to the region that controls our sensorimotor system. More

  • The Roots of Religion

    Psychological scientist Jacqueline S. Mattis and other researchers explain the psychological and cultural foundations of spiritual beliefs and practices. More

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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth; Scribner, May 3, 2016 Honor Bound: How a Cultural Ideal More