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Volume 30, Issue9November, 2017
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Psyber Security: Thwarting Hackers with Behavioral Science

From viruses to ransomware and password phishing scams, cyber fraud and other digital security threats are escalating worldwide — learn how psychological scientists help safeguard data. More

Few processes impact the lives of everyday people as strongly as the creation of public policy. Public policy may be defined concretely as specific legislation, or it may be thought of more abstractly as the social principles upon which the law is based (McKnight, Sechrest, & McKnight, 2005). In both More

In the dot-probe task, participants viewed a pair of emotionally evocative images or words presented simultaneously. The stimuli were then immediately removed, and a probe replaced one of the images on the screen. Participants were instructed to hit the computer key that corresponded to the probe as quickly as possible. More

APS President Suparna Rajaram talks about curiosity and the drive to learn, improve, and change as the key ingredients in a long and thriving career in science. More