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Volume 31, Issue5May/June, 2018
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The Many Shapes of Applied Psychological Science

Their scientific work has contributed to safer skies, less stressful indoor environments, more engaging children’s toys, and much more. Meet six psychological scientists who have carved out innovative careers in applied research. More

The National Institute of Health Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research has announced that psychological scientists, including APS Fellow Terrie E. Moffitt, are taking home top honors at its annual event recognizing the best in behavioral science. More

Advances in technology and methodologies are enabling psychological scientists to bridge the divide between the lab and the world at large in research on infant development, attentional
shifting, language comprehension, and more. More

Many students find the transition from undergraduate to graduate education a difficult one. After all, it might be the first time individuals live away from campus and their childhood homes, cook for themselves, do their own taxes, and figure out how to get their own health insurance. It’s a time More

Noted linguistics researcher Ted Supalla topples the misconceptions about signed language and discusses his reasons for launching an online course about languages around the world. More

The APS James McKeen Cattell Award honors psychological scientists for their lifetime of significant achievements in applied psychological research and their impact on critical problems and challenges in society at large. More