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Volume 36, Issue3May/June 2023
The May/June Observer: Informing Public Health Through Psychological Science
From pandemics to poverty, from mental illness to science denial, sweeping public health challenges have engulfed the world. Psychological science could improve outcomes for millions.

Presidential Column

Alison Gopnik
University of California, Berkeley
APS President 2022 - 2023
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Silver Linings in the Demographic Revolution 

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  • Thumbnail Image for Myths and Misinformation

    Myths and Misinformation

    How does misinformation spread and how do we combat it? Psychological science sheds light on the mechanisms underlying misinformation and ‘fake news.’


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  • Research Briefs

    Recent highlights from APS journals articles on the link between self-esteem and eating disorders, how to be liked in first encounters, the effects of stress on rigid learning, and much more.

Government Relations

  • Funding and Policy: Will U.K. Psychological Scientists Be Eligible for Horizon Europe Funding?

    The European Research Council (ERC) funds a large number of basic research and psychological science proposals though its starting grant, advanced grant, and consolidator grant schemes. Pre-Brexit, the United Kingdom was a member and participant of ERC funding schemes through Horizon Europe. The issue of U.K. participation in a post-Brexit setting has been complicated by the lack of a formal agreement between the United Kingdom and European Union for participation in Horizon Europe.   In February, the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom signed the Windsor Framework, a post-Brexit deal that settles disputes over trade across the Northern Ireland border. Although not related to science or science funding, the Windsor Framework nonetheless offers hope that an agreement can be reached for U.K.

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