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Volume 25, Issue5May/June, 2012
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Volume 25, Issue5May/June, 2012

Speaking Your Mind

In much of the world, speaking multiple languages is the norm. Virtually everyone in the Netherlands and Norway speaks passable More

Two Flavors of Relief

Whether you just miss getting struck by a car or click the Send button for the final revision of a More

Puzzles, Grand Ideas, and Science

Digging into the history of psychological science, the Observer has retrieved classic interviews with prominent psychological scientists for an ongoing More

Lexicon in the Laboratory

Not many psychological scientists can list a dictionary on their CV. As Chair of the Usage Panel of the American More

The Science of Swearing

Why would a psychological scientist study swearing? Expertise in such an area has different practical significance inside and outside the More

Reversal of Fortune

Perhaps no argument made the case for changing NSF policy as clearly as what a heroic first-year graduate student had More