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Volume 29, Issue3March, 2016

March Methodology Madness

Every spring, March Madness hits college basketball in the US. The Observer borrows the tournament’s nickname to spotlight innovations and trends in research practices. In our annual March Methodology Madness issue, we report on the latest tools and techniques that psychological scientists are pioneering and employing to advance the study of the human condition… More

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Volume 29, Issue3March, 2016
  • Databrary, a web-based resource that enables developmental scientists to share and reuse research videos.

    Video as Data

    APS Fellow Karen Adolph introduces Databrary, a web-based video library funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to enable sharing and reuse of research videos among developmental scientists. … More

  • Abstract business background

    Across Your Universe

    Longitudinal data collection that used to require hours of manpower, equipment, and logistical coordination now can occur almost instantly, from anywhere in the world and virtually at any time… More

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Hebl Wins Top Teaching Award

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