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Volume 32, Issue4April, 2019
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A Prescription for Change

New insights from learning and motivation science are challenging conventional views of addiction as a brain disease. More

The Society of Experimental Psychologists (SEP) has awarded its most prestigious honors to APS William James Fellows
Nora S. Newcombe and Linda B. Smith in recognition of their pioneering achievements in experimental psychology. More

Receiving honors for valuable mentoring contributions are APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Carol S. Dweck. APS William James Fellow Marcia K. Johnson, and APS Fellows Geraldine Downey and Mark H. Johnson. More

Colleagues remember the APS Past President, whose work illuminated the ways in which ordinary people grapple with moral issues. More

Researchers share valuable insights into what works when it comes to promoting health-related behaviors at the APS Annual Convention in Washington, DC. More

APS Fellow Tyler Lorig is the Ruth Parmly Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science and a member of the Neuroscience Program at Washington and Lee University. More