Program & Events

Get a sneak peak at the science that will be presented at APS 2020.

Program & Events

Get a sneak peak at the science that will be presented at APS 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the APS Board of Directors has determined that APS is no longer able to host the 32nd APS Annual Convention in Chicago, IL, USA, May 21-24, 2020 safely or in a way that meets the intended purpose of the event. More information about alternative options for presenting the science will be shared in the coming weeks. All registered attendees will be refunded in full.

APS is exploring opportunities for presenters to share their research online. We will inform you as soon as we have more details. Please wait for APS Staff to contact you regarding these options.

  • Cross-Cutting Theme Programs

    Leading researchers from across psychological science’s sub-disciplines come together to discuss current topics, bringing insight from their particular fields, in these featured programs. Advances in Understanding Bias: A Focus on the Individual as Deeply Embedded

  • Special Events

    Don’t miss these must-see special events at APS 2020.

  • Invited Symposia

    Gain insight from different perspectives on issues affecting psychological science and society. Advances in Multilevel Modeling Jessica K. Flake, McGill University, Canada (Chair)Betsy McCoach, University of ConnecticutJason D. Rights, University of British Columbia, CanadaBen M.

  • Invited Talks and Addresses

    Hear from recognized field leaders on topics spanning psychological science disciplines. Bringing the Body Back to the Study of the Mind: The Case of Affective Experience Karen S. Quigley, Northeastern University Changing Lifestyle, Changing Health

  • 2020 Award Programs

    James McKeen Cattell Award  |  William James Award  |  Mentor Award and Panel Discussion  |  Janet Taylor Spence Award Symposium James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Addresses The APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award recognizes APS Members for a lifetime of outstanding

  • Teaching of Psychological Science

    For anyone interested in learning more about teaching – researchers, teachers and grad students – all welcome! APS 2024 offers a number of educational sessions on the teaching of psychological science. In addition to the

  • 2023 APS Annual Convention Invited Speakers

    Adeyemi Adetula Flavio Azevedo Emorie Beck Margaret E. Beier Lizbeth Bensen Mindy E. Bergman Kent C. Berridge Jeffrey Birk Alia Braley Briana Brownlow Jennifer A. Bugos Meghan Cain Susan T. Charles William J. Chopik Geoffrey