Invited Talks and Addresses

Hear from recognized field leaders on topics spanning psychological science disciplines.

Bringing the Body Back to the Study of the Mind: The Case of Affective Experience

Karen S. Quigley, Northeastern University

Changing Lifestyle, Changing Health: Examining Effects of Healthy Lifestyle Changes on Cellular Health and Daily Psychological Functioning

Eli Puterman, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Diversity Initiative Effectiveness: Unintended Consequences and Strategies for Improvement

Lisa M. Leslie, New York University

Situational Strength: Past, Present, and Future

Reeshad S. Dalal, George Mason University

Work-Family Research: New Appraoches and New Directions

Tammy D. Allen, University of South Florida

Invited talks and addresses are still being added to the program. Last updated February 3, 2020.