Student Events

Meet fellow student scientists, converse with leaders in the field, and get guidance on the next steps of your budding career in psychological science

Student Events

Meet fellow student scientists, converse with leaders in the field, and get guidance on the next steps of your budding career in psychological science

Champions of Psychological Science

Read their textbooks? Seen them cited? The APS Student Caucus is honored to present the annual Champions of Psychological Science event, which provides the unique opportunity for student affiliates to talk in an informal setting with some of the most respected and well-known scientists in psychology. Space is limited and available only on a first-come, first-seated basis, so come early to get a good seat.

APSSC Convention Kickoff and Student Social

The APS Student Caucus welcomes student affiliates and provides information about all of the great student events at the convention. Students will be able to relax in a casual environment and meet other students who share the same interests.

How to Get Published: Guidance From Journal Editors

Did you ever wonder how to decide where to send an article to get it published? Do you know what goes into an action letter? Editors from top journals in psychological science will give valuable advice and answer questions about the publication process. A range of topics will be covered, including what should go into a manuscript, where to submit it, and what to do after receiving an editorial decision. This event is geared toward students and beginning researchers who want to find out what happens once they hit “submit”.

The Naked Truth Part I: Getting into Graduate School

Are you an undergraduate student with questions about graduate school? This panel features graduate students from various areas of psychological science who will share their experiences and offer advice on gaining admission to graduate school. The wide-ranging discussion will include advice on preparing for graduate school, managing the application process, and championing graduate school interviews.

The Naked Truth Part II: Surviving Graduate School

This session will focus on survival skills needed to successfully navigate graduate school, including common pitfalls for new grad students; work-life balance; and navigating advisor, student, and professional relationships.

The Naked Truth Part III: Navigating the Job Market After Graduate School

Are you a graduate student or recent graduate looking for that first post-graduation position? Do you have questions about navigating the job market in a difficult economy? This panel will bring together a group of psychological scientists to share their advice and answer your questions about finding a postdoc or full-time position in research, liberal arts, and industry.

The Naked Truth Part IV: You’re Working Where?

Have you ever wondered what is beyond the ivory tower? This panel will bring together a group of psychological scientists who have chosen “non-traditional” careers outside of academia. Panelists will share their own experiences in making the decision to pursue alternative careers, and give advice on how students can start taking the right steps now to find jobs in areas like government, technology, and business.

RISE Award Addresses

The RISE Research Award is given annually to recognize outstanding student research on socially and economically under-represented populations, or by students of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. The winners, selected by a panel of their peers, will present their research in symposium format. The goal of this event is to increase awareness of the need for diverse perspectives in psychological science.

Student Research Award Addresses

The Student Research Award is given annually to recognize outstanding research conducted by APS Student Affiliates. The program will feature addresses from the winners of the 2020 competition, who were selected through a peer-review process.

Campus Representatives Meeting

The Campus Representatives Meeting will be held at the APS Convention and is open to all current Campus Representatives, as well as student affiliates who are interested in serving as a Representative at their own schools. At the meeting, students will have the opportunity to interact with fellow reps, to discuss their experiences in serving the APSSC, and to learn more about the future of the program. The Membership & Volunteers Officer will be present to facilitate the meeting, to recognize the accomplishments of the current reps, and to meet and communicate with student affiliates.

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