Invited Symposia

Invited Symposia

Gain insight from different perspectives on issues affecting psychological science and society.

Advances in Multilevel Modeling

Jessica K. Flake, McGill University, Canada (Chair)
Betsy McCoach, University of Connecticut
Jason D. Rights, University of British Columbia, Canada
Ben M. Kelcey, University of Cincinnati

AMPPS Forum: Tools and Recommendations for Quantitative Methods

Daniel J. Simons, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Chair)
Evan C. Carter, Army Research Laboratory
Sara J. Weston, University of Oregon
Ruben Arslan, Max Planck Institute, Germany

Artificial Intelligence at Work: Promises and Challenges of Working with Robots

Sang Eun Woo, Purdue University (Chair)
Tom S. Redick, Purdue University
Jiyoung Park, Chung-Ang University Humanities Research Institute, South Korea
Richard N. Landers, University of Minnesota
Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University
Malte F. Jung, Cornell University

Biomolecular Stress Signatures: A Developmental Perspective

Stacy S. Drury, Tulane University (Chair)
Aoife O’Donovan, University of California, San Francisco
Audrey R. Tyrka, Brown University
Nikolaos P. Daskalakis, Harvard Medical School & McLean Hospital
Torsten Klengel, McLean Hospital

Bodily Basis of Affect

Lauren Y. Atlas, National Institutes of Health
Peter J. Gianaros, University of Pittsburgh
Catherine Tallon-Baudry, École Normale Supérieure, France

Communicating Psychological Science with the Public

David A. DeSteno, Northeastern University (Co-Chair)
June Gruber, University of Colorado, Boulder (Co-Chair)
David Nussbaum, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Tania Lombrozo, Princeton University
James A. Coan, The University of Virginia

Comparative Social Psychology

Mariska E. Kret, Leiden University, Netherlands (Co-Chair)
Lotte van Dillen, Leiden University, Netherlands (Co-Chair)
Erica A. Cartmill, University of California, Los Angeles
Brian Hare, Duke University
Jorg J. M. Massen, Utrecht University, Netherlands
David Scheel, Alaska Pacific University

Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences in Affect and Emotion

Maria T. Gendron, Yale University (Chair)
Paula M. Niedenthal, University of Blaise Pascal, France
Jonathan B. Freeman, New York University
Jeffrey A. Brooks, New York University

Emotional Dynamics in Health and Disorder Daily Life

Renee J. Thompson, Washington University in St. Louis (Chair)
Philippe V. N. Verduyn, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Tammy L. English, Washington University in St. Louis
Nilam Ram, Pennsylvania State University

Expanding the Scope of Employee Health Behaviors Research and Applications

Charles C. Calderwood, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Chair)
Alicia A. Grandey, Pennsylvania State University
Cristiano L. Guarana, Indiana University
Danielle D. King, Rice University

Flexible Mechanisms for Learning, Memory, and Attention

Justin Gardner, Liberty University (Co-Chair)
Janneke Jehee, Donders Institute, Netherlands (Co-Chair)
Edward K. Vogel, University of Oregon
Yoada Xu, Yale University

Interpersonal Processes and Health: A Life Course Developmental Perspective

James A. Coan, University of Virginia
Joan K. Monin, Yale School of Public Health
Darby E. Saxbe, University of Southern California
Elizabeth A. Skowron, University of Oregon
Christopher P. Fagundes, Rice University

Life-span Perspectives on Cognitive Development and Aging

Jonathan W. King, National Institute on Aging
Chandra A. Reynolds, University of California, Riverside
William Kremen, University of California, San Diego
Dawn C. Carr, Florida State University
Bryan James, Rush University Medical Center

Mitochondria in Healthy and Pathological Aging

Iris Tatjana-Kolassa, Ulm University, Germany (Chair)
Erich Gnaiger, Medical University of Innsbruch, Austria
Martin Picard, Columbia University
Anne Eckert, University of Basel, Swizerland
Verena Nold, Biberach and Ulm University, Germany

New Frontiers in Idiographic Clinical Science: Innovative Methods, Applications, and Insights

Aaron J. Fisher, University of California, Berkeley (Chair)
Katie M. Gates, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Laura Bringmann, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Emorie D. Beck, Washington University in St. Louis
Hanna G. Bosley, University of California, Berkeley
Aidan G. C. Wright, University of Pittsburgh

Open Science for Different Methodological Approaches in Psychology

Pamela E. Davis-Kean, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Chair)
Moin Syed, University of Minnesota
Sara A. Hart, Florida Center for Reading Research
Rick O. Gilmore, Pennsylvania State University

Role of Reward Related Brain Function in Psychopathology: Commonalities and Distinctions

Robin R. Nusslock, Northwestern University (Co-Chair)
Vijay A. Mittal, Northwestern University (Co-Chair)
Jennifer C. Felger, Emory University
Jim Gold, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Poornima Kumar, McLean Hospital

The Transformational Impact of Cognitive Technology On Psychology and Society

Blaise Agϋera y Arcas, Google
Joetta L. Gobel, Dotdash
Charlene C. Wu, AirBnb
Saleema Amershi, Microsoft

Understanding Human Variation and Individuality in the Population

Angela Yu, University of California, San Diego (Chair)
Russell A. Poldrack, Stanford University
Daniel S. Margulies, ORCID
Franco Pestilli, Indiana University Bloomington
Jessica A. Turner, The Enigma Consortium

Using Psychological Science to Address Environmental Challenges

June Gruber, University of Colorado, Boulder (Co-Chair)
Leaf D. Van Boven, University of Colorado, Boulder (Co-Chair)
Rainer Romero-Canyas, Environmental Defense Fund
Jiaying Zhao, University of British Columbia, Canada
Cynthia M. Frantz, Oberlin College

Using Psychological Science to Create a Happier and Healthier World

June Gruber, University of Colorado, Boulder (Chair)
Carol S. Dweck, Stanford University
Sonja Lyubomirsky , University of California, Riverside
Darby E. Saxbe, University of Southern California
Dylan G. Gee, Yale University

What (Good) is Self-Control

Lotte van Dillen, Leiden University, Netherlands (Co-Chair)
Wilhelm Hofmann, University of Cologne, Germany (Co-Chair)
Denise de Ridder, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Mickey Inzlicht, University of Toronto, Canada
Amy R. Krosch, Cornell University

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