Inside the Psychologist’s Studio: Janet Taylor Spence

Inside The Psychologist’s Studio with Janet Taylor Spence
Interviewed by Kay Deaux

22nd APS Annual Convention

May 28, 2010 Boston, MA

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I admire this woman for all of her achievements !!!

Great souls live on….through their actions and words.

Janet Taylor Spence was simply wonderful, as this window into her personality, mind, and career clearly shows. I treasure the times I got to work with her. She was “all light, and no nonsense” and a role model for men as well as women. Rest in peace, Dear Janet. You will be in our thoughts, and in our hearts.

Janet Spence was not only my great-aunt but a pillar in my family. She was so humble in regards to her work, rarely talking about her achievements and contributions, and it’s because of this that I am thrilled to have come across this video. To be able to see her and hear her voice again is a gift beyond measure. Thank you to all who have worked with and admired her throughout the years, and to those who put this interview together. She is extremely missed in my family and I know she will be remembered forever for her contributions to the field of psychology.

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