Need a Self-Control Boost? Gargle with Sugar Water!


If you’re struggling to keep your self-control on track, keep a bottle of lemonade made with real sugar handy. You won’t have to drink it,  just swish and gargle when you’re feeling like giving up.

That’s the finding of new research published in the journal Psychological Science. Researchers from the University of Georgia recruited 51 students who performed two tasks to test self-control. The first task, which previous research has shown to deplete self-control, was tediously crossing out all the Es on a page from a statistics book. Then, participants performed what is known as the Stroop task where they were asked to identify the color of various words flashed on a screen, which spell out the names of other colors. The Stroop task’s goal is to turn off the student’s tendency to read the words (which is easy to do) and instead see the colors (which is harder to do).

Read the whole story: Forbes

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