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Dare to be an optimist!

The Globe and Mail:

It’s easy to overdose on the news. Take too much, and you’ll swear the human race is in terminal decline. Today, we interrupt our regular programming of doom and gloom to offer you an antidote – a cheery list of ways in which the world is reported to be getting better and better, or at least not much worse. Don’t worry. Be happy for a change! The usual news cycle will resume all too soon.

Age brings an increase in well-being, according to a study in Psychological Science, although nobody is quite sure why. Maybe it’s maturity. Maybe it’s changes in our brain chemistry. Or maybe we just don’t give a darn any more. Whatever the reasons, the turning point reportedly happens around age 50. People over 50 are less angry, less stressed and less worried than at any time since they were kids. Some studies even show that the happiest people of all are in their 80s.

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