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Too Aware? The Downside of Mindfulness Revealed

APA Division 1 Call for Nominations for Awards for Year 2014

Deadline: February 15, 2014 The Society for General Psychology, Division One of the American Psychological Association is conducting its Year 2014 awards competition, including the William James Book Award for […]... More>

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On External Research Opportunities

Spending the summer months garnering external lab experience as an intern or research assistant can be a valuable undertaking for undergraduates in pursuit of graduate school admission. ... More>

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How to Do Your Best Work and Succeed in a University Faculty Position

Mastering four facets of academic life is integral to success. ... More>

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How to Write a Research Statement

Former APS President Morton Ann Gernsbacher and Past Board Member Patricia G. Devine provide steps to craft a persuasive case for your research. ... More>