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Senior Moment? Ageist Stereotypes Can Hurt — Or Help — Older Adults’ Memory

Though cognitive processes tend to decline with age, a new study reveals that simply reminding older adults about ageist ideas actually exacerbates their memory problems. ... More>

The New (Malevolent) Ageism

The new (and nastier) ageism

America is a rapidly graying society. This demographic trend has been underway for a while—and anticipated for a long while—yet some of its implications are just now coming into focus. […]... More>

Intergroup Biases Emerge Early and Remain Stable With Age

Just like adults, children from across different cultures show implicit intergroup biases, which may be the result of their experiences with regional status hierarchies. ... More>

Marilynn Brewer

Ohio State University (Professor Emerita) University of New South Wales William James Fellow Award APS Past President Marilynn Brewer is internationally recognized for her contributions to research in social cognition, […]... More>