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Between Speech and Song

Take note! Psychological scientists are doing sound research in the quest for the elusive crossroads where words and music meet. ... More>

Speaking and Understanding Speech Share the Same Parts of the Brain

The brain has two big tasks related to speech: making it and understanding it. Psychologists and others who study the brain have debated whether these are really two separate tasks or whether they both use the same regions of the brain. Now, a new study, published in the August issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that speaking and understanding speech share the same parts of the brain, with one difference: we don’t need the brain regions that control the movements of lips, teeth, and so on to understand speech.... More>

Illuminating Speech Impairment in People With Autism

Morton Ann Gernsbacher’s research has for 20 years investigated the processes and mechanisms that underlie language processing. She empirically challenged the view that language processing involves language-specific mechanisms by proposing […]... More>

Fighting the Fear of Public Speaking

New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of exciting new research from Psychological Science...... More>