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For at least a couple of reasons, APS is to be commended for devoting attention, and Observer space, to various issues surrounding interdisciplinary inquiry (Elizabeth Phillips, “Beyond the Department: An Organizational Model for Interdisciplinarity”, Observer, Vol. 26, No. 2 February, 2013). ... More>

Presidential Column

Beyond the Department

If university administrators take simple steps to promote interdisciplinary research, psychology departments will reap big benefits. ... More>


When it Comes to Department Name, ‘Psychology’ Is #1


APS Treasurer Roberta L. Klatzky revisits an September 2011 Observer article on how US psychology departments are changing their names to reflect the field. Klatzky shares updates on the current distribution of departmental monikers. ... More>

New Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research (IBSS) Competition

The National Science Foundation announces a new interdisciplinary behavioral and social science research competition. ... More>

Observer Article

Personality Dynamics Through the Lens of Cognitive Science

In Trieste, Italy, eminent researchers came together to advance a new cognitive science of personality that unites psychological and biological approaches. ... More>