A Multidisciplinary Manual

I agree that multidisciplinary research is likely to be part of the future of budding psychologists. However, the nature of the interdisciplinary activities portrayed in the recent article, “Crossing Boundaries” (Observer, May/June, 2009), were so unlike my many years in multidisciplinary research that I am impelled to comment. The article More

Becoming a Cumulative Science

In this space, I have been discussing urban legends in psychological science about our multiple roles within academic life. Assuming you are reading (and remembering) these Observer columns the way I did when I didn’t have to write them, I’ll briefly recapitulate some earlier points as they bear on today’s More

The Fall of Babble-on

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing call for “interdisciplinary,” “multidisciplinary,” and “transdisciplinary” research. While each term can be defined distinctly, all refer to the notion that we need scientists who can conceptualize and perform research that incorporates the perspectives and possibly the methodologies of other disciplines. More