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Solving Music’s Mysteries

A symphony of psychological science featuring social and neurological insights into why people love music. ... More>

Rethinking Rage in the Middle East

Training people to think analytically in emotionally charged situations might turn them into cool-headed decision makers. ... More>

‘Myopic Misery’: The Financial Cost of Sadness

Nobody likes to feel bad. Sadness saps our energy and motivation. Melancholy wrecks our health and invites disease. Misery leaves us—well, miserable. Yet many experts believe that these negative emotions […]... More>

The Psychology of Whew!

Whew! Think back on a time when you uttered that word—or at least felt that feeling. It shouldn’t be hard, because it’s a very common experience. You’re probably recalling a […]... More>

Fleeing the Brain’s Fear Center

Scientific “facts” often take on a life of their own. Scientists make legitimate and exciting new discoveries, with the best tools available to them in their time, and these findings […]... More>