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Testing Can Help Students After All

Testing Can Be Useful for Students and Teachers, Promoting Long-Term Learning

Pop quiz! Tests are good for: (a) Assessing what you’ve learned; (b) Learning new information; (c) a & b; (d) None of the above. The correct answer? According to research from psychological science, it’s both (a) and (b) – while testing can be useful as an assessment tool, the actual process of taking a test can also help us to learn and retain new information over the long term and apply it across different contexts. ... More>

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychological Science: David Funder

APS Fellow David Funder, a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at University of California at Riverside, sat down with the APSSC in this Champions of Psychological Science interview. ... More>

Undergraduate Psychology Courses Preferred by Graduate Programs

My name is Timothy Lawson from College of Mount St. Joseph and I presented my research at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC. ... More>

When a woman should act like a man