Social Behavior

Not everyone is a hugger. Hugs can feel awkward or uncomfortable for some people. At the same time, hugging can be essential for humans. Hugs can reduce stress by calming our sympathetic nervous system; they can make us feel safe, loved and not alone. … Research has shown that hugs can lower our cortisol More

Money can’t buy happiness. “This sentiment is lovely, popular, and almost certainly wrong,” says Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert in a paper he coauthored. Money provides an “opportunity for happiness,” the authors say, since moneyed people can live longer and healthier lives, enjoy financial security, have leisure time, and control what More

… As the weeks of coronavirus quarantine stretched into months, hugs are among the many things isolated people found themselves aching for. Hugs are good for humans — perhaps more valuable than many of us realized, until we found ourselves missing them. Research has shown that hugs can lower our cortisol levels during stressful More