The Huffington Post: Scientists already knew that getting some decent shut-eye after studying helps to consolidate learning, but new research suggests that sleeping in between study sessions is even more effective. “Our results suggest that interleaving sleep between practice sessions leads to a twofold advantage, reducing the time spent relearning More

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science: The Method of Loci Improves Longer-Term Retention of Self-Affirming Memories and Facilitates Access to Mood-Repairing Memories in Recurrent Depression Aliza Werner-Seidler and Tim Dalgleish Studies have shown that recalling self-affirming memories can improve negative mood. Researchers investigated whether a mnemonic technique More

WHYY: If you’re feeling sleep-deprived, you’re not alone. New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control shows that more than one-third of American adults are not getting the recommended amount of sleep on a regular basis. Those seven-plus hours of shut eye are important for all sorts of daily functions More