Perspectives on Psychological Science

The Guardian: In today’s issue of Science Magazine we unveil a series of guidelines to promote transparency and reproducibility in research practices – critical aspects of science that are frequently overlooked in the pursuit of novelty and impact. Transparency and reproducibility are the beating heart of the scientific enterprise. Transparency ensures More

Editors of Perspectives on Psychological Science are now accepting proposals from researchers who would like to participate in a new Registered Replication Report (RRR) designed to replicate a 2012 experiment on cooperation and selfishness in economic decision making. The experiment, conducted by David G. Rand, Joshua D. Greene, and Martin A. Nowak More

When APS debuted the Registered Replication Report (RRR) initiative in 2013, it marked a milestone in the reproducibility movement that has been building in psychological science and other areas of scientific inquiry in recent years. The goal of the initiative is to publish large-scale, multicenter replications of important findings that More