Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Shaping Attention With Reward: Effects of Reward on Space- and Object-Based Selection Sarah Shomstein and Jacoba Johnson The effect of rewards on conscious choice has been extensively researched, but the effect of reward on automatic processes is still not well understood. To More

The Washington Post: In the years since Susan Cain published “Quiet,” several other bestselling business authors have joined her effort to weed from that genre the “extrovert ideal”—the bold, outspoken personality type that many self-help books idolize. That ideal, Cain says, took root in organizations in the 20th century and More

Le Figaro: Oui, les sadiques sont bien parmi nous! Une étude menée par les Dr Delroy Paulhus et Erin Buckels, professeurs et chercheurs en psychologie à l’université de Colombie britannique (Canada), a permis d’établir que certainsindividus apparemment adaptés en société étaient animés de pulsions sadiques. Sans être des serial killers More