Know thyself. That was Socrates’ advice, and it squares with conventional wisdom. “It’s a natural tendency to think we know ourselves better than others do,” says Washington University in St. Louis assistant professor Simine Vazire. But a new article by Vazire and her colleague Erika N. Carlson reviews the research More

Daily Mail: Computer games about football make players more aggressive than violent ones, psychologists claim. While participants remain ‘numb’ when they see someone being ‘killed’ on screen, apparently harmless games that mirror real life can have a far greater effect. The study shows a complex link between the way viewers More

Men’s Health Germany: Männlichkeit ist offenbar kein biologisches Phänomen, sondern sie hängt von der Wahrung der Ehre und Erfolgen ab, so eine US-Studie. Männern sei es wichtig vor anderen gut da zu stehen und als stark und furchtlos gelten, erklären die Studienleiter Jennifer K. Bosson und Joseph A. Vandello von More