You Will Never Smell My World the Way I Do

The scent of lily of the valley cannot be easily bottled. For decades companies that make soap, lotions and perfumes have relied on a chemical called bourgeonal to imbue their products with the sweet smell of the little white flowers. A tiny drop can be extraordinarily intense. If you can More

Smell, Your Least Appreciated Sense

Your emotions are directly tied to the smells you experience. Join Rachel as she takes you on a tour of how smell affects the lives of everyone, from finding your spouse to survival. Enjoy her tips on using your nose to enhance your life. Dr. Herz is a leading expert More

Chemische Signale im menschlichen Schweiß (Chemicals in Sweat May Convey Positive Emotion)

Der Standard: Angst, Anziehung und sogar Erfolg – betrachtet man die Forschungen der letzten Jahre, scheint Schweiß durch chemische Signale eine ganze Palette an Gefühlsregungen zu kommunizieren. Und da darf das Glück nicht fehlen. Ein europäisches Forscherteam kam auf die Idee, die chemischen Spuren von positiven Empfindungen in unserer Transpiration More