Would You Want to Smell BBQ All the Time?

The New York Times: CITY COUNCIL meetings in Austin, Tex., tend to be droning, low-drama affairs, but that wasn’t the case earlier this month when barbecue was on the agenda: specifically, the smell of barbecue and a proposal to control it, in response to some citizen complaints. The suggestion that More

Art for the Knowing Nose

The New York Times: Peter De Cupere’s “Tree Virus” sculpture wasn’t much to look at: a dead, black tree rooted in a craggy white ball suspended over a dirt pit, all of it covered by a plastic igloo. Built on a college campus in the Netherlands in 2008, the whole More

Les personnes malades sont détectables à l’odeur (Sick people have a detectable odor)

Le Figaro: Bière rance, pain brûlé ou encore viande de boucherie: ces senteurs peu avenantes se dégagent de personnes atteintes respectivement de scrofule (une sorte d’affection tuberculeuse), de fièvre typhoïde et de fièvre jaune. Mais la liste ne semble pas s’arrêter là. Selon différents travaux, les malades émettent en effet More