Read All About It: Simpler Fonts Make Simpler Tasks Los Angeles Times November 2, 2008 “Researchers found that the more difficult instructions are to read, the more that task is perceived as challenging. Identical instructions were…given for making sushi to 27 men and women, in both easy and difficult-to-read fonts. More

Being Naughty Has More Impact Than Being Nice Los Angeles Times December 17, 2008 “The study shows that giving and taking produce different patterns of reciprocity. The researchers conducted five experiments in which people played games that assigned them as givers or takers and allowed them to reciprocate acts of More

Eyewitness Testimony Takes a Few More Hits Popular Science January 30, 2009 “According to the Innocence Project, a legal group devoted to exonerating the wrongly incarcerated, mistaken eyewitnesses account for three quarters of convictions later overturned by DNA evidence. Now two new reports in the journal Psychological Science suggest that More

Posh People Fidget More The Daily Mail February 4, 2009 “Posh people fidget more, a study found, making it possible to tell a person’s class simply by glancing at their body language. It is thought that those born into privilege feel less of a need to make a good impression More

Dan Ariely, Duke University, NPR (Marketplace), May 4, 2009: Predictably Irrational. Ozlem N. Ayduk, University of California, Berkeley, The New Yorker, May 18, 2009: Don’t! The secret of self-control Emily Balcetis, Ohio University, Scientific American Mind, Oct 1, 2009: Illusions of steepness and height. Jay Belsky, Birkbeck College, University of More