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Happiness: Enough Already Newsweek February 2, 2008 “‘[O]nce a moderate level of happiness is achieved, further increases can sometimes be detrimental’ to income, career success, education and political participation, Diener and Colleagues write in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is More

On the Newsstand

The ‘No’ Muscle: How To Bulk Up Your Self-Control Boston Sunday Globe December 16, 2007 “If self-control can tire like a muscle, then one intriguing corollary is that it can also be built up like a muscle – and some research seems to say this is true. ‘Targeted [efforts] to More

Psychology’s “Big Ideas” in 2007

As the new year gets underway, take a look back on the research that you started, finished, or trashed in ‘07. If you aren’t inspired, then pick up an issue of The New York Times Magazine’s “7th Annual Year in Ideas.” The magazine grouped some of the most “curious, inspired More

Exhibit on the Mind Features Psychological Science

A major new exhibition at the Exploratorium in San Francisco is highlighting psychological science.  Mind is a collection of 40 interactive exhibits designed to teach the public about psychological processes by evoking thoughts, emotions, and actions. According to the Exploratorium, visitors will “discover that the exhibits in Mind are actually More

Malcolm in the Middle

It takes Malcolm Gladwell exactly one sentence into the first chapter of his book, Blink, to mention a psychologist. That’s not counting the three others he already mentioned in the book’s introduction. In Blink, Gladwell discusses the power of first impressions, so one’s attention is drawn to these early psychological More

NYT’s ‘Ideas’ Feature Psychology Research

What do sexy billboards, cynicism, eating your vegetables, and bad British teeth have in common? According to The New York Times, they’re the inspiration behind some of 2005’s best ideas. In the December 11, 2005 issue of The New York Times Magazine, “The 5th Annual Year in Ideas” lauded five More