Can music delay dementia? What new study says

CBS News: Are flats and sharps the keys to mental sharpness? Preliminary research now links music lessons in childhood to greater mental acuity decades down the road. For a study published in the journal Neuropsychology, researchers recruited 70 healthy adults between 60 and 83 years of age and divided them More

Music on the Mind

From the origins of rhythmic sense, to the role of cognitive processes involved in hearing and making of areas are investigating a most beautiful and basic genetics in musical aptitude, to the music, psychologists from a variety form of human expression. In the early days of Diana Deutsch’s work, some More

Psychologists at Play

Once music is in your blood — or at least in your grey matter — it stays there. For some psychologists, a love of music has meant a lifetime of divided loyalties: pursuing research and teaching by day; practicing, rehearsing, and performing by night. Whether it is a love that More