Can You Instill Mental Toughness?

TIME: To be mentally tough is to resist the urge to give up in the face of failure, to maintain focus and determination in pursuit of one’s goals, and to emerge from adversity even stronger than before. Psychologists claim that almost everyone can benefit from strengthening these skills, even those More

How the Military Can Change Personalities, Slightly

Miller-McCune: What life experience is more immersive than marriage, more prolonged than college, more tightly regimented than the average job? Ah yes — military service, which starts with recruiters boldly announcing their intention to make a new man of every trainee. Surely drill sergeants believe they can change personalities. But More

Wird man beim Bund zum Mann?

bild der wissenschaft: Das Militär prägt die Persönlichkeit – und umgekehrt “Die Bundeswehr lässt junge Kerle zu echten Männern reifen” – dieser Ausspruch hat offenbar einen wahren Kern, zumindest wenn man “Männlichkeit” auf der Basis traditioneller Rollenerwartungen definiert. Denn laut einer Studie unter Beteiligung von Wissenschaftlern der Universität Tübingen beeinflusst More

Finding What Works for Those Who Work for Their Country

Veterans who have served their country deserve the best treatment possible. And Bradley Karlin, Director of the Psychotherapy Programs at US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), helps insure that the psychotherapy treatment these individuals are receiving is based on sound science. Karlin oversees the development, implementation, and monitoring of mental More