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Embattled Childhood: The Real ‘T’ in ‘PTSD’

The Huffington Post:

In 2009 a regiment of Danish soldiers, the Guard Hussars, was deployed for a six-month tour in Afghanistan’s arid Helmand Province, a Taliban stronghold. They were stationed along with British soldiers — 270 in all — at a forward operating base called Armadillo. Although none of the Guard Hussars was killed during the tour of duty, they nevertheless experienced many horrors of battle. A commander was seriously injured by a roadside bomb, and a night patrol ended in a firefight that killed and dismembered several Taliban combatants.

The Guard Hussars’ war experience is graphically depicted in the award-winning documentary film Armadillo, which follows the young soldiers from their emotional farewells in Denmark through their six months in combat and, finally, back to joyous homecomings and family reunions. The film is a study of the inner lives of young men as they experience the excitement and camaraderie, the tedium and, mostly, the terror and trauma of war.

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