Life Experiences

Daily Mail: Children who grow up in a recession are more likely to become well-rounded adults than those who enjoy an easy start to life, a psychological study has found. Analysis of the characteristics of 35,000 people found that those who entered adulthood during economic downturns were less likely to More

The Washington Post: If you ever read anything about millennials online, you’ve probably seen something calling this generation narcissistic. A surge in self-importance, some say! “Deluded narcissists,” others opine! Whatever this “Me Me Me Generation” article was! Well, it turns out that because many millennials began their professional lives during More

For years, social scientists have been interested in narcissism among America’s corporate titans.  Narcissistic CEOs are known for their self-promotion, excessive self-regard, and tendency to draw attention to themselves. They also tend to embrace risk and lead companies that either perform fantastically well or catastrophically poorly. One signal of a More