Life Experiences

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science. The Frequency and Impact of Exposure to Potentially Traumatic Events Over the Life Course Christin M. Ogle, David C. Rubin, Dorthe Berntsen, and Ilene C. Siegler How does the timing and impact of traumatic events differ across the lifespan? Participants between More

La Stampa: Parchi, giardini, e spazi verdi nelle aree urbane migliorano considerevolmente la qualità della vita delle persone che vivono in città. Lo afferma uno studio dell’università di Exeter, pubblicato sul Journal of Psychological Science. La ricerca si è basata sui dati relativi a 5,000 famiglie e 10.000 adulti seguiti More

Childhood sexual abuse can have devastating and long-lasting consequences for survivors, yet little research has focused on the factors associated with resiliency following childhood sexual abuse. New research published in Clinical Psychological Science reveals that certain demographic, personality, and abuse-related variables predict the well-being of childhood sexual abuse survivors later More